Install Package Control

According to the GitHub page of SublimePrettyJson, we need to install Package Control firstly. There are four steps to install it to your Sublime:

  1. Click Preferences > Browse Packages…
  2. Go to the Installed Packages folder
  3. Download Control.sublime-package and copy it into the Installed Packages folder
  4. Restart Sublime

Install SublimePrettyJson

Go to the GitHub page of SublimePrettyJson, Download zip or git clone it to you local device. Then you get a folder named SublimePrettyJson-master, like what we didi in the previous steps, browse packages on Sublime and copy SublimePrettyJson-master into the Packages folder then you can use SublimePrettyJson.
Copy SublimePrettyJson-master to Packages

Prettify JSON

In the old days when we open a JSON file we got this:
An Ugly JSON File Almost Blind You
To prettify JSON, different user please refer to the following keys:

Linux: Ctrl + Alt + j
Windows: Ctrl + Alt + j
Mac OS: command + control + j

Welcome to a brand new world:
A Brand New Day

For more information, please go to: